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ASCLEPIADS (STAPELIADS) - We are growing so many members of this group that we now list them separately.

Disclaimer:  Unfortunately many of the Stapeliads look so similar that they can only be told apart when in flower.  Additionally, they hybridize readily.  We do our best to make sure the plants offered are what they are supposed to be.  We cannot be sure that seedlings from open pollinated seed are pure until they flower.  Rooted cuttings are pretty much guaranteed to be correct.

Duvalia corderoi - #8944 - 2"pot seedling - $4.00 - low dark green stems with raised sharp tubercles, brown to tan " flowers with densely fuzzy annulus, smells slightly of dead mouse

Echidnopsis cereiformis ERT13 - #9027 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - dark green upright pencil-thick stems with minute tubercles reminiscent of a corn cob, small yellow flowers borne near the stem tips

E. cereiformis (brown-flowered) - #8919 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - dark green upright pencil-thick stems with minute tubercles reminiscent of a corn cob, small brown to orange flowers near the stem tips

*E. nubica - #9254 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - dark green upright stems about the thickness of a pencil, fairly smooth stem, very small brown flowers

*E. squamulata - #8923 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - dark shiny green stems hang down or dip into the soil and re-root, flowers reminiscent of tiny Japanese Eggplants: dark purple with narrow openings

Fockea edulis - #7062 - 3"pot - $7.00 - vining stems with green leaves from warty white tuberous caudex which can grow quite large in time, making an attractive specimen

Hoodia gordonii - #7186 - 2"pot - $5.00 - seedlings, upright spiny blue-green stems starting to branch from the base, 2" pinkish-tan flowers borne near stem tips

Huernia bayeri - #8060 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - thin upright green stems, " yellow flower with dark purple bits in center

H. boleana - #8924 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (Ethiopia) 1" tan flowers mottled with purple and lightly covered with raised bumps, green stems grow fairly long and hang down

H. concinna Bar11634 - #8964 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - upright light green stems, light yellow flower with small maroon spots

H. erinacea - #7907 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - thin green and maroon stems, tan and maroom mottled flowers with dense short teeth on petals

H. hallii PB3529 - #8966 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (Gt. Karas Mnts.) small light green stems, yellowish flowers with small maroon spots

H. hystrix ssp. parvula - #9023 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (RSA, KwaZulu-Natal) thin horizontal purple/green stems, " tan flowers with red dots and lots of raised teeth

H. insigniflora - #9028 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - green stems, ~1" flower, greenish yellow petals, slightly raised reddish annulus

H. keniensis v. nairobiensis - #9543 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - green stems with some purple mottling, 1" flower sits on its side to face down, outside of flower is maroon with lighter bands running up the petals, inside dark maroon with short teeth

H. praestans IB7580 - #8946 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (Joubestskop, RSA) green stems, 1"+ off-yellow flower with fine maroon dots, projections in throat look like little brown uvulas

H. procumbens - #9202 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - long light green stems tend to hang, "-wide flowers with raised reddish anulus, long pointed petals

*H. Red Ribbons - #9349 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (H. lavranii x H. pillansii) light green stems with long soft teeth, " wide tan flower with dense fine red dots, deep red bits in the middle of the flower

*H. saudi-arabica - #9542 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (TM KSA13, Saudi Arabia) low toothy green stems mottled with purple, 1" tan flowers mottled with maroon, lots of raised teeth on the petals becoming longer in the throat

H. 'See a Doctor' - #9341 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - H. erectiloba hybrid, green stems, pink and yellowish flower with raised annulus, short black hairs in throat

*H. zebrina ssp. zebrina NEW - #9552 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - Twin Ridge, olive-green stems, 1" flower with raised annulus, tan and chocolate brown flower, brown stripes on petals

xHuervalia 'Raspberry Tart' - #9502 - 2"pot seedling - $5.00 - these are individual seedlings from the hand-pollinated cross of Huernia 'Bronx Cheer' x Duvalia pillansii, those that have flowered seem to be quite uniform and produce an almost 1" flat liver-colored flower with the same sweet latex scent of their Duvalia father

Matelea cyclophylla - #5767 - 3"pot - $7.00 - (=Gonolobus cyclophyllus) Mexican caudiciform with corky tan caudex similar in appearance to Dioscorea, vines in summer with heart-shaped leaves and green or purple flowers

Orbea albocastanae - #8929 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - attractive " thick stems are whitish and mottled with purple, clusters of maroon and white mottled flowers

O. halipedicola - #9358 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - thin toothy light green stems, dark yellow flower with bold maroon dots, maroon hairs on margins, flower often borne on the ground, smells of fish flakes

O. hardyi PVB3504 NEW - #8994 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - thin blue-green stems mottled with purple lie on the ground, 2" mottled white and purple flower

SOLD OUT O. lutea ssp. lutea NEW - #9561 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - 1"-thick soft light green stems, makes large plant, clusters of really stinky 2" yellow flowers with sparse black hairs on the petal margins

O. semitubiflora - #8930 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - upright purple mottled gray-green stems, clusters of small velvety purple flowers borne at stem tips

O. semota ssp. orientalis - #8952 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (Tanzania, Kilimanjaro Prov.) stems with long soft teeth, light purple mottling, 1" brownish-red flowers with hairs on edges

O. speciosa DP3912 NEW - #8975 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (clonotype) KwaZulu-Natal, soft toothy light green stems, yellow flower with maroon dots, maroon hairs on edges of petals, petal heavily reflexed, smells of fish flakes

Petopentia natalensis (ASCLEPIADACEAE) - #7659 - 3"pot - $7.00 - caudiciform from South Africa, vining brown stems with shiny dark green leaves with purple undersides, teardrop-shaped brown caudex can eventually grow quite large

Raphionacme flanaganii - #6965 - 3"pot - $7.00 - caudiciform from KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, vining stems with slightly fuzzy green leaves from fat white root, can be raised when larger for bonsai-like display

Rhytidocaulon ciliatum/R. macrolobum hybrids NEW - #9458 - 2"pot - $5.00 - first and second generation hybrid seedlings, upright olive green to brown pencil-thick stems with rough surface, flowers purple to mottled black with hairs on edges of petals

Stapelia asterias - #9229 - 2"potRC - $5.00 - upright fuzzy green stems, 2"-wide shiny purple-brown flowers with white hairs on edges, pretty stinky

S. cedrimontana DP4631B - #8986 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - ~" thick upright green stems mottled with purple, 1" maroon flowers with broken tan bands mid-petal

S. erectiflora DP6885 NEW - #8987 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - (Pakhuis Pass) upright thin fuzzy green stems, small flowers borne on tall stalks, brown petals covered with minute white hairs and heavily reflexed, no fragrance

S. flavopurpurea - #8456 - 2"pot - $4.00 - nice seedlings, upright green stems with purple mottling, 1" flowers with purple center, petals are yellowish with raised ridges, honey-like fragrance

S. hirsuta - #9547 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - upright green stems, 3" flower with purple tipped petals, thin tan and purple bands in middle of petals, dense purple hairs in the center of the flower and on the edges of the petals

*S. leendertziae - #9464 - 2"potRC - $5.00 - stout upright fuzzy green stems, 5"-long bell-shaped liver-colored flowers are very smelly, odd short and curly hairs in the throat

*S. olivacea - #8997 - 2"potRC - $4.00 - attractive thin upright stems, green mottled with white and purple, 1" fuzzy dark purple flowers

*S. paniculata ssp. scitula - #8735 - 2"potRC - $5.00 - upright stems become quite thin when mature, purple-red flowers with raised ridges across petals and white hairs on edges, light carrion scent

Stapelianthus insignis NEW - #9556 - 2"potRC - $5.00 - low olive green stems mottled with purple in strong light, squat " urn-shaped greenish flower with liver-colored spots inside

SOLD OUT S. pilosus NEW - #9010 - 2"potRC - $5.00 - upright green stems covered with soft white teeth, " white flower with liver-colored spots