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Crested & Monstrose Cacti


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Crested, Variegated, and Monstrose Cacti

G-SG = grafted on Stenocereus griseus G-HJ = grafted on Harrisia justbertii RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities

Astrophytum myriostigma cv. 'Hakuun Nudum' - #9352 - 3"potG-SG - $7.00 - 1" grafted offset, 5-6 ribs with sparse white flecking, makes nice clusters

Cereus hildemannianus monstrose 'Clyde' - #7714 - 3"potG-SG - $7.00 - light green heavily branching blunt stems, short thin tan spines

*Echinocactus grusonii crest - #9465 - 3"potG-HJ - $7.00 - 1"-wide shiny green fans with erect golden spines, Crested Golden Barrel can be degrafted and grown on its own roots and can make a large specimen either grafted or on its own roots

*Echinocereus mapimiensis crest  - #8861 - 3"potG-HJ - $7.00 - 1"-wide soft bodied gray-green fan, long flexible brown and white spines

*Lobivia huascha hybrid crest  - #9512 - 3"potG-HJ - $7.00 - crested Mark Dimmitt hybrid that has never flowered, 1"+-wide fan, light green stem with dense short golden spines

*Lobivia 'Red Riding Hood' crest  - #6771 - 3"potG-HJ - $7.00 - light green 1"-wide crest, bright red flowers occasionally

*Mammillaria bocasana monstrose 'Fred' NEW - #6724 - 2"pot - $6.00 - rarely offered anymore, this monstrose is mostly naked and makes clusters of small soft green stems that look (and feel) a bit like stacks of marshmallows with pink growing points, tiny yellow flowers occasionally, limit 5

*Mammillaria 'Yokan' - #6807 - 3"potG-HJ - $7.00 - miniature crest of Mam. compressa, thin purple fans with fine short white spines often produce much thicker mature fans with heavy brown-tipped spines

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities