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New Items - Updated - September 2nd, 2022

G-SG = grafted on Stenocereus griseus G-HJ = grafted on Harrisia justbertii RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


Cacti  (Succulents at bottom of page)

*Ariocarpus retusus v. furfuraceus NEW (LIMIT 2) - #5098 - .8"seedling - $10.00 - "Furfuraceus Major" from Las Tablas, SLP, MX, fat gray-green tubercles somewhat variable in size and shape, white flowers sometimes with a blush of pink in the fall when mature

Astrophytum capricorne v. niveum NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5106 - 1.4"plant - $5.00 - 8-ribbed stem with dense silvery-white flecking, initially spineless, will develop curved black spines, large yellow flower with reddish center

*Astrophytum capricorne v. niveum aff. nudum NEW (LIMIT 3) - #9224 - 1.3"plant - $5.00 - stem mostly without flecking, develops very stout curved spines that are grayish when mature, large yellow flower has orange center

*Echinocereus mojavensis "inermis" NEW (LIMIT 3) - #6889 - .75"+plant - $5.00 - wild form with short or no spines, small egg-shaped dark green stems form small clusters, bright red flowers in early spring when mature, very cold hardy

*Echinocereus reichenbachii ssp. pailianus NEW (LIMIT 3) - #7709 - 2.25"pot - $6.00 - initially upright balloon-shaped green stem, densely wrapped with short orangish spines, nice tricolored flower - pink then white then a reddish center

*Echinopsis 'Pastel Peach' NEW (LIMIT 1) - #7760 - 2.75"pot - $6.00 - (Paramount/Johnson hybrid) dark green stem, short brown spines, large peach flower

*Escobaria emskoetteriana NEW (LIMIT 3) - #8710 - 1"+plant - $5.00 - small egg-shaped stem will form small clusters, dense erect gold and brown spines, small yellowish flower, reddish fruit

*Frailea parviflora NEW (LIMIT 3) - #9554 - .7"plant - $5.00 - low dark green stem with thick taproot, sparse small yellow spines held close, yellow flowers

*Homalocephala texensis NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5469 - 1.3"plant - $5.00 - (=Echinocactus texensis) Horsecrippler, low gray-green stem, when mature forms thick light brown spines with stout central spine, large pink flower with dark center

*Lobivia 'Hollyberry' NEW (LIMIT 1) - #7239 - 2.75"pot - $6.00 - (Miles' To Go hybrid) low dark green stem with short tan and brown spines held close, bright pink/red flowers, can fill a 6"pot

Lobivia purpureomineata NEW - #8435 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - green stems cluster from base, short tan spines, large dark reddish flowers

Lobivia schreiteri NEW - #8775 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - low dark green stem from thick taproot forms small clusters, brown spines, clear red flowers

Lobivia winteriana NEW - #7236 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - solitary egg-shaped stem, short light brown spines, large bright pink flowers

Mammillaria camptotricha NEW - #6918 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - Bird's Nest, low dark green body with long thin tubercles tipped with long straw-colored spines, small yellow flowers almost get lost in the thatch of spines

Mammillaria fraileana NEW - #8223 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - from Baja California, upright dark purplish-green stems cluster from base, light radial spines with dark hooked central spine, large light pink flowers with pink stigma in summer

Mammillaria lauii fma. subducta NEW - #7306 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - low green stem with dense yellowish erect spines and pink flowers in the winter

Mammillaria senilis NEW - #7339 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - round green stem covered in erect glassy white spines with hooked central spines, huge dark red flowers in late spring

Mammillaria tezontle NEW - #9767 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - a localized form of Mam. crinita that occurred on tezontle volcanic rock before the habitat was mined for the stone, low green stem on thick taproot, whitish radials, short hooked central, small yellow flowers

*Mammillaria theresae 'albiflora' NEW (LIMIT 1) - #8481 - 3.25"potG-HJ - $10.00 - white-flowered cultivar of this miniature species, soft light green body, large white flowers with long tube

*Mammillaria weingartiana NEW (LIMIT 3) - #7135 - .75"+seedlings - $5.00 - low solitary miniature, dark green body on thick taproot, hooked black central spines, rings of white flowers with pinkish midstripe and lovely lemony scent in late winter

Matucana aurieflora NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5562 - 1"+seedling - $5.00 - flattened shiny dark green stem, flexible yellow and brown spines, bright yellow flowers when larger

Matucana ritteri NEW (LIMIT 3) - #9114 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - flattened shiny dark green stem, curved yellow and brown spines, bright red flowers

*Rebutia heliosa var. heliosa NEW (LIMIT 1) - #7477 - 3.25"potG-HJ - $9.00 - clustering grafted offsets, finger-thick stems covered in dense minute silvery spines, bright orange flower

Succulents (other than cacti)

*Aloe 'Pepe' NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5070 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - (A. descoingsii x A. haworthioides) small dark green rosettes with short soft white teeth on the leaves, small orange flowers, clusters well

Corallocarpus bainesii NEW (CUCURBITACEAE) - #6794 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - rough light green vines and leaves, forms small teardrop-shaped caudex, self-fertile minute green flowers produce pea-sized red fruit

*Cyrtocarpa edulis NEW (LIMIT 2) (ANACARDIACEAE) - #9802 - 6"pot - $15.00 - Cimarron Plum, caudiciform tree from Baja California, brown trunk thickens with time, compound green leaves, appearance and culture similar to a Bursera

Fouquieria splendens NEW - #6667 - 3.25" pot - $7.00 - Ocotillo, northernmost and most common species in the family, spiny brown and gray stems branch low and grow to more then 10', bright green leaves during the growing season, red spikes of flowers in the spring when mature

Jacaratia corumbensis NEW (LIMIT 5) (CARICACEAE) - #5828 - 3.25"pot - $8.00 - succulent papaya relative, forms tree with thick starchy root (which is eaten in South America), can be grow as bonsai, separate male and female plants, odd inedible fruit

*Kalanchoe gastonis-bonnieri NEW (LIMIT 3) (CRASSULACEAE) - #9355 - 2.75"pot - $6.00 - 'Donkey Ears' plant, single stem produces long leaves with chalky white coating, leaves will produce a few offsets at the tips, once the plant is mature in 2-3 years it will produce a flower stalk with white flowers and then the plant will die but should produce plenty of offsets before it expires

Matelea cyclophylla NEW (LIMIT 5) (APOCYNACEAE) - #5767- 2.25"pot - $6.00 - corky tan caudex gives rise to vine with large heart-shaped leaves in the summer, .5" green-to-purple five-petalled flowers in summer