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OUT OF STOCK - updated 06/21/18- This page is current for the Summer 2018 update


*ARIOCARPUS retusus ssp. trigonus - #5102 - 2"pot - $6.00 - long curved sharply pointed olive green tubercles, rosettes up to 8" wide, large lightly scented yellow flowers when mature

*EUPHORBIA meloformis v. macrodiscus  (LIMIT 3) - #8675 - 1"seedlings - $6.00 - (ES3459 RSA, Peddie) mostly solitary low shiny green stems can have purple bands in bright light, persistent tan flower stems, sexes on separate plants (these are unsexed)

*GASTERIA 'Polliwog' - #9567 - 2"pot - $5.00 - G. armstrongii hybrid, shiny dark green leaves, compact growth, makes nice clumps somewhat slowly

*LITHOPS schwantesii v. rugosa - #9594 - "-1"plant - $2.50 - gray body, gray top with dark reddish markings

A FEW MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER *MAMMILLARIA bertholdii clone 1 NEW (LIMIT 3) - #9586.1 - 1"offset grafted on Harrisia - $12.00 - clone with nicely "combed" spines

A FEW MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN SEPTEMBER *MAMMILLARIA bertholdii clone 2 NEW (LIMIT 2) - #9586.2 - 1"offset grafted on Harrisia - $12.00 - clone with shaggier spines, this clone has tended to crest for us when larger

MAMMILLARIA hernandezii - #7294 - 1"plant - $6.00 - pretty uncommon dwarf species, small round stem from fat root, short tan spines held close to body, large bright pink flowers

*TAVARESIA x 'Purple Nurple' NEW (LIMIT 2) - #9288 - 2"potRC - $5.00 - Tavaresia barklyi x Orbea variegata, thin light green toothy stems, 2" flowers with dense purple spots, petals are yellowish at tips, purple in the throat

*TOUMEYA papyracantha RP115 NEW (LIMIT 2) - #9551 - 3"pot - $8.00 - (= Sclerocactus papyracanthus) "Gramma Grass" cactus, dwarf upright stem with papery brown and tan spines, whitish flowers in spring, this clone is from a population in Texas and grows larger than the typical types in New Mexico and Arizona