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updated 03/21/23 - This page is current for the Spring 2023 update

*Ariocarpus agavoides - #5440 - .5"seedling/flowering size - $10.00 - dwarf species from Tula, Tamaulipas, MX, thick taproot topped with flexible narrow dark green tubercles, large purple flower in the fall, these flowered last fall

*Ariocarpus fissuratus ssp. fissuratus - #5094 - .8"+seedling - $10.00 - only species of Ariocarpus from Texas, low heavily textured dark green tubercles develop wooly groove on upper face when mature, light pink flower when mature

*Ariocarpus fissuratus ssp. hintonii - #6901 - .6"seedling - $15.00 - dwarf southern subspecies also considered a subspecies of A. bravoanus, shiny dark green tubercules with very bumpy surface, forms low rosette that only grows to 4", pink flowers when mature

*Ariocarpus hybrid #9 - #9534 - 1"seedlings - $10.00 - (A. retusus ssp. confusus x A. fissuratus v. lloydii)F2, dark shiny fat green tubercles often with a purplish cast, dark pink flowers when mature, can grow to 8+ inches

*Ariocarpus hybrid #11 - #8719 - 1"+seedling - $10.00 - (A. retusus ssp. retusus x A. fissuratus)F2, from a smaller growing form of A. retusus, lower rosette of often rough gray tubercles that may not grow to more than 6", pink flowers when mature

*Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus ssp. elephantidens - #5441 - .5"seedling - $10.00 - dwarf stem with rosette of triangular tubercles flat with ground on top of thick taproot, tips of tubercles are slightly pointed upward and rougher than regular A. kotschoubeyanus, faster and larger growing than ssp. kotschoubeyanus with darker pink flowers, these flowered last fall

*Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus ssp. kotschoubeyanus - #5439 - .7"seedling - $15.00 - low dark green rosette of triangular tubercles on thick taproot, pale pink flower in fall, these flowered last fall

*Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus ssp. sladkovskyi - #9131 - .7"seedling - $15.00 - San Francisco, SLP, MX - dwarf thick root topped with smooth triangular dark green tubercles, this A. kotschoubeyanus grows faster and larger than common type, flowers have sharply pointed dark pink petals, these flowered last fall

*Ariocarpus retusus ssp. confusus - #8116 - .8"seedling - $10.00 - Aramberri, Nuevo Leon, MX, low rosette with fat greenish sharply pointed tubercles often with a purple blush, particularly in winter, tubercles are always somewhat softer than other A. retusus, large dark purple flowers when mature

*Ariocarpus aff. trigonus El Olmo - #9538 - .7"seedling - $10.00 - from El Olmo Nuevo Leon, MX, a very odd plant closely related to A. trigonus, long olive green to brownish tubercles lay flat when mature with raised lines that run the length of the tubercle and are much less fat than A. trigonus, also the flowers vary from yellow, to whitish with pink tips, to pink*Astrophytum myriostigma 'Onzuka' (5 ribs) - #9233 - 1.2"+plant - $7.00 - cultivar with heavy larger white flecks, quite variable

*Avonia quinaria ssp. alstonii (PORTULACEAE) - #8493 - .6"caudex - $10.00 - low top-shaped shiny brown caudex with peeling skin, green worm-like stems encased in white scales, large white flowers that open just once in the late afternoon

*Aztekium valdezii- #9801 - .75"grafted offsetG-MG - $20.00 - most recently described species of the genus grafted on Myrtillocactus, light green clustering stems with deep ridges typical of the genus, largest flowers in the genus, dark pink with white center

Cephalopentandra eccirrhosa (CUCURBITACEAE)#6964.4 - 2"wide x 2.5"tall caudex - $15.00 (smaller sizes still in stock)

*Cyrtocarpus edulis (ANACARDIACEAE) - #9802 - 6"pot - $15.00 - Cimarron Plum, caudiciform tree from Baja California, brown trunk thickens with time, compound green leaves, appearance and culture similar to a Bursera

*Echinocereus pulchellus ssp. weinbergii - #9494 - 1"seedling - $5.00 - (Sombrerete, Zacatecas MX) flattened soft light green stem on thick taproot, short tan spines, pale pink flower in spring, many are just flowering size

*Echinopsis subdenudata 'Fuzzy Navel' crest - #9665 - 3.25"pot G-HJ - $10.00 - green spineless .75"-2"-wide fans with white fuzzy areoles

*Epithelantha bokei - #9080 - .75"plant - $7.00 - low solitary stem densely covered in fine white spines, small white to light pink flower

*Epithelantha greggii ssp. greggii SB321 - #9491 - .75"wide x 1"tall seedling - $6.00 - Cuesta la Muralla, Coahuila MX, upright club-shaped stem covered in dense white spines, pale pink flowers, not self-fertile

*x Ferothelos 'Spring Surprise' - #9339 - 2.25"pot - $6.00 - our hybrid (Ferocactus macrodiscus x Thelocactus lausseri)F1, shiny dark green stem, erect red and yellow spines, light pink flowers in spring, almost flowering size

*Lithops aucampiae ssp. aucampiae "Kuruman Form" - #7995 - .5"-.75"plant - $3.00 - rusty body, large dark green markings on top

*Lithops julii ssp. julii "Reticulata" - #8140 - .5"plant - $3.00 - whitish body, bold brown markings on top

*Lithops karasmontana ssp. eberlanzii - #9793 - .75"plant - $3.00 - yellowish tan body, rounded top with brownish markings on top, similar to ssp. bella but more opaque windows

*Mammillaria bertholdii Clone 1 - #9586.1 - 3.25"potG-HJ - $12.00 - 1"+ grafted offsets, rare dwarf species from N. of San Jose de Lachiquiri, OAX, Mexico, short glassy spines, large pink flowers, this clone has neatly arranged spines

*Mammillaria bertholdii Clone 2 - #9586.2 - 3.25"potG-HJ - $12.00 - 1"+ grafted offsets, rare dwarf species from N. of San Jose de Lachiquiri, OAX, Mexico, short glassy spines, large pink flowers, this clone has shaggier spines and the stem crests sometimes

*Mammillaria luethyi - #8328 - .75"grafted offset G-HJ - $10.00 - grafted on Harrisia, dwarf species from Coahuila, Mexico, minute spines held like little parasol at the tips of thin tubercles, large pink flowers with white center, this is one of the clones that were first offered in the 1990's

*Mammillaria hahniana ssp. mendeliana - #9733 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - low dark green stem, short black spines, rings of pink flowers in spring from wooly axils, no white hair like the other subspecies

*+Mytillocalycium 'Polyp' - #8020 - 3.25"pot G-SV - $10.00 - Chimera that popped up in Tucson more than 20 years ago from Gymnocalycium friedrichii 'Hibotan' on a Myrtillocalycium geometrizans, mostly upright green stems mottled with red, will produce some of the original Hibotan

*Obregonia denegrii - #5586 - ~2"seedling - $10.00 - Artichoke Cactus, slow growing dark green solitary stem with triangular tubercles tipped with short tan spines, wooly crown when mature, small white flowers in summer

*Thelocactus bicolor ssp. schwarzii - #8342 - 1.5"plant - $5.00 - dark green egg-shaped solitary stem, yellow and red spines wrap the body, large pink flower with red center

*Turbinicarpus swobodae - #5754 - .8"+plant - $6.00 - low shiny green stem, short thin black spines, small light yellow flowers, the only self-fertile species of Turbinicarpus

Turbinicarpus valdezianus - #5613 - .5"plant - $5.00 -among the smallest cacti, these are flowering size, feathery white spines wrap stem, large purple flower in spring

*Turbinicarpus zaragozae - #6737 - .65"+ seedlings - $6.00 - club-shaped green stem, dense white spines held close, spines shaggier and more erect when mature, pale pink flowers in spring

*Weingartia kargliana - #8227 - 3.25"pot G-HJ - $10.00 - grafted, dark olive green body, sparse black spines, orange flowers in summer, offsets