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Marlothistella thru Tumamoca

RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities

MARLOTHISTELLA stenophylla (AIZOACEAE) - #9067 - 2"pot - $5.00 - clusters of long thin soft light green leaves, pink flowers in winter

MATELEA cyclophylla (APOCYNACEAE) - #5767.3 - 1"+caudex - $8.00 - (=Gonolobus cyclophyllus) Mexican caudiciform with corky tan caudex similar in appearance to Dioscorea, vines in summer with heart-shaped leaves and green or purple flowers

MESTOKLEMA tuberosum (AIZOACEAE) - #6871 - 2"pot - $5.00 - shrubby caudiciform from Southern Namibia and Eastern Cape in South Africa, upright stems with soft light green leaves, clusters of coppery orange flowers, eventually develops underground root with brown skin that can be raised for effect

MOMORDICA rostrata (CUCURBITACEAE) - #5746.2 - 2"pot - $5.00 - conical green and white caudex eventually becomes fat and pleated, long thin annual vines with dark green leaves and small yellow flowers, sexes on separate plants

*NANANTHUS margaretifera (AIZOACEAE) - #9574 - 2"pot - $5.00 - rosettes of thick long pointed leaves with whitish dots, small golden flowers, forms thick taproot

PACHYCORMUS discolor (ANACARDIACEAE) - #5661 - 2"pot - $7.00 - Elephant Tree from Baja, CA, winter grower with green leaves, peeling white bark when mature, thick root when young, can be trained as bonsai

*PACHYPODIUM bispinosum (APOCYNACEAE) - #5739 - 3"pot - $8.00 - green stems with narrow green leaves and short tan spines from thick taproot, small bell-shaped pink flower

P. griquense - #8144 - 4"pot - $10.00 - similar to P. succulentum but smaller with " white flowers, just flowering size

*P. namaquanum NEW (LIMIT 3) - #5743 - 4"pot - $20.00 - at least 1" wide x 2" tall stem (not counting the spines), this slow-growing species from Namaqualand in South Aftrica has a tan trunk topped with gray-green leaves with wavy edges

P. succulentum - #7445 - 5"pot - $10.00 - pencil-thick green stem from thick carrot-like taproot, long narrow green leaves, small brown spines, large pink flowers, flowering size

PETOPENTIA natalensis (APOCYNACEAE) - #7659 - 3"pot - $8.00 - brown-skinned teardrop-shaped caudex, vining stems with long shiny dark green leaves with purple underneath

PELARGONIUM appendiculatum (GERANIACEAE) - #8726 - 2"pot - $4.00 - winter-growing species dies back to underground corm in summer, lacy light green leaves in winter, white flowers in late spring before it goes dormant

PLEIOSPILOS bolusii (AIZOACEAE) - #7462 - 2"pot - $5.00 - fat paired green leaves with minute dots, somewhat bumpy surface, large orange and yellow flowers with coconut scent

*P. nelii - #7463 - 2"pot - $4.00 - fat paired green leaves form round body, unscented orange and white flowers

P. nelii 'Royal Flush' NEW (LIMIT 10) - #8323 - 2"pot - $4.00 - fat paired purple leaves form round body, unscented dark pinkish-orange and white flowers, the leaves get greener in the heat of summer

RABBIEA difformis (AIZOACEAE) - #8209 - 2"pot - $4.00 - keel-shaped short dark green leaves form tight cluster, yellow flower, cold hard to below 0F

TITANOPSIS hugo-schlecteri (AIZOACEAE) - #7531 - 2"pot - $4.00 - low rosettes of light blue leaves with bumpy orangish tips, light orangish flower

T. primosii - #8237 - 2"pot - $4.00 - SE Springbok, South Africa, small rosettes of blue-green leaves with warty rounded tips, clear yellow flowers

TUMAMOCA macdougallii (CUCURBITACEAE) - #8526.3 - 3"pot - $7.00 - native from southern Arizona to Sonora Mexico, mature plants have white underground lobed caudex, annual vines with dissected leaves, small white flowers and red fruit in summer

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities

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