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Euphorbia thru Kalanchoe

RC = rooted cutting

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities


*EUPHORBIA cylindrifolia v. tuberifera (LIMIT 2) (EUPHORBIACEAE) - #8255 - 2.25"pot - $8.00 - low gray branching stems with gray-green leaves that are roughly round in cross-section, base of the stem thickens as it ages

E. obesa (LIMIT 3 of each sex) - 1"+seedlings, Basketball Plant, almost extinct in habitat but common in cultivation, round green body becomes columnar with age, sexes on separate plants, which sometimes switch

       female plants - #5672 - $6.00

       male plants - #5673 - $6.00

*E. suzannae NEW (LIMIT 3) - #6796 - 1"+seedlings - $6.00 - initially round dark green ball covered with short soft spikes, forms clusters in time to over 6", sexes on separate plants

E. symmetrica (LIMIT 6) - #6795 - 1"seedlings - $6.00 - low green stem considered a subspecies of E. obesa, it differs in that the stems are more uniformly green, smoother with flattened or indented ribs, they also tend to cluster with age and remain shorter, they are also single-sexed like E. obesa, but mature plants will often have 3 cyathia per node although not all develop

FAUCARIA tuberculosa (LIMIT 2) (AIZOACEAE) - #7895 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - paired fleshy green leaves with teeth at margins, growths from warts to large carbuncles in upper faces of the leaves, large yellow flowers

FOUQUIERIA splendens (FOUQUIERIACEAE) - #6667 - 3.25" pot - $7.00 - Ocotillo, northernmost and most common species in the family, spiny brown and gray stems branch low and grow to more than 10', bright green leaves during the growing season, red spikes of flowers in the spring when mature

GASTERIA armstrongii (ASPHODELACEAE) - #7065.2 - 2.25"pot - $4.00 - fat shiny rough green tongue-like leaves, spikes of pink flowers, clusters well

G. brachyphyllum monstrose - #8733 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - thick long green and white leaves, will throw shoots unexpectedly and sometimes has distorted leaves, pink flowers

*G. 'Silver Fuji' - #9150 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - thick silvery gray and green leaves sometimes with a bit of purple, the colors run in lines the length of the leaves, occasionally throws a normal green and white offset

GRAHAMIA coahuilense (ANACAMPSEROTACEAE) - #5769 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - Mexican species with light green succulent leaves on thin limp stems from small tuberous roots, self-fertile pink flowers in the afternoons in summer

GRAPTOPETALUM rusbyi (CRASSULACEAE) - #9535 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - native to Arizona, this is the only Graptopetalum that takes the heat and cold here, light green leaves form a low rosette up to 5 inches across, forms nice clusters, short flower spikes with speckled red flowers

HAWORTHIA emelyae v. multifolia (ASPHODELACEAE) - #7122 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - low green rosette with small windowed leaves with long pointed tips, clusters slowly

H. herrei v. jacobseniana - #7128 - 2.75"pot - $5.00 - rooted cutting of this miniature species, 1"-thick stems of rough pointed blue-green leaves, clusters with age

H. limifolia - #6927 - 2.25"pot - $4.00 - (Fairy Washboard) low dark green leaves form flat rosette, parallel ridges run across the leaves

H. magnifica v. major - #7133 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - dark green leaves frosted with fine white bumps, windowed tips with white markings, rosettes of ~2" will cluster slowly

H. magnifica v. paradoxa - #7134 - .8"rosette - $5.00 - miniature dark green rosettes of leaves with windowed top and small serrations on the sides, forms small clusters

H. mirabilis v. calcarea - #8094 - 2.25"pot - $4.00 - rosettes to almost 3", will form larger clusters, short upright leaves with small teeth on edges, purplish in bright light

*H. mirabilis v. mirabilis - #7141 - 2.25"pot - $4.00 - (= H. mundula) dark green windowed leaves form densely clustering rosettes

H. mirabilis v. notabilis - #9572 - 1.5"rosettes - $5.00 - narrow leaves with serrated edges, reddish in bright light

*H. resendeana - #7153 - 3.25"pot - $7.00 - short stout pointed dark green leavs form upright stems that will cluster from the base

H. retusa fma. geraldii - #7157 - 2.25"pot - $4.00 - heavy dark green leaves with flat windowed top, makes large clusters

H. retusa v. acuminata variegate - #7137 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - fairly thick pointed green and white windowed leaves cluster heavily

IBERVILLEA tenuisecta (CUCURBITACEAE) - #9690 - 2.25"pot - $5.00 - (Jarilla Mtns, NM) underground caudex with white skin, in habitat it makes a disk-like caudex but in cultivation is more of a top shape, still it can grow to 6", sexes on separate plants, small yellow flowers, 1cm round red fruit

JACARATIA corumbensis (CARICACEAE) - #5828 - 3.25"pot - $8.00 - succulent papaya relative, forms tree with thick starchy root (which is eaten in South America), can be grow as bonsai, separate male and female plants, odd inedible fruit

KALANCHOE synsepala #1 (CRASSULACEAE) - #8723 - 4"pot - $9.00 - upright gray-green leaves with slightly scalloped burgundy edges

* = only advertised on the web site due to limited quantities

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